Animated feature
In development / financial
Co-Production: Magpie6Media (Irelande) , Clifford Parrott – Christina O’Shea
Malil’Art Productions, Arnaud Bois, Olivier Reynal, Romuald Drouillard

Scenario Will Finn / Clifford Parrott.

From Malil'Art


The story is about a guy just looking to fit in, and that guy just happens to be an ape. BONOBO JOE is a cadet in NASA’s Space Ape Academy. He and his fellow apes are tested for a distinctive space mission.

Because Joe doesn’t trust his instincts, he lacks spontaneity and thus, is an obsessive rule follower. The other apes see Joe as just a bootlicker, especially a rule breaking cadet named BEANIE ORANGUTAN. Ultimately it is Joe’s rule following fixation that gets him chosen to go on the mission. But to his dismay, Joe’s co-pilot is the one ape he spurns - Beanie.

Their mission is to be the first earthlings to step foot on the Red Planet.

The film is essentially a buddy movie and the two disparate apes must put their differences aside when their rocket crash-lands in the jungle where Joe was born. With the rocket’s power source inexplicably depleted, they have just 48 hours to find a replacement and must go on a jungle safari to recover a mysterious alien power source known as Tipsytozium. In their adventure, they meet a daring female bonobo rebel named LORNA, who’s fought for the freedom of her tribe against a chimpanzee scoundrel named RAZORBACK. It’s Razorback who steals the Tipsytozium and takes it back to his master at a human Poacher Camp. To retrieve it, the heroes must cross the jungle, fight hippos, outthink hungry lions and ultimately fight the poachers to save their mission, Joe’s fellow bonobos and the world. On his quest, Joe learns how he ended up at NASA, rediscovers his family and learns what it is to be truly bonobo.