Gus the itsy bitsy Knight

Gus the itsy bitsy Knight
2D animated series, 1st season
Directed by Matthieu Cordier
Production Mikros Animation


Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Gus who wanted to become a great knight. Sorry, not a great knight... The greatest knight in the whole kingdom of Karamel. Armed with his laser sword, mounted on his electric pony, Gus never misses an opportunity to go on an adventure in order to accomplish all his missions. The problem is that Gus is a knight... tiny! No taller than three apples, he is as small as his heart is big. But Gus will prove to everyone that nothing is impossible with a valiant heart and that there is no greater knight than Gus, the Minus Knight! Sparkling, funny, modern, vibrant, and tender, Gus, the Minus Knight has everything to dust off the fairy tale genre. The anachronisms and the shift of modern codes in a medieval universe will bring a lot of humor and freshness to the stories while the wacky universe of Karamel's kingdom and the zany ideas of the heroes will offer a fantastic reservoir of visual gags. But Gus, the Minus Knight is also an adventure series! The heroic quests in which this tender-hearted little hero embarks will be full of action and twists.