Animation series 3D
26 épisodes of 26min
Production Technicolor Animation Production
Directed by Franck Michel
Background Layout B&W -color / animation FX2D / Motion Design / compositing.


Welcome to the Hawkings Academy, the High School of High Technology! Halfway between Hogwarts and Tomorrowland, Hawkings is the mecca of high-tech.

This brilliant institution recruits future geniuses in aeronautics, nanotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence.

If you are smart, motivated and talented enough, you may have the chance to be selected to join the Hawkings elite.

This year, two boys with a passion for drones: Buck Roquette, a daredevil pilot and Tim Chessmat, an outstanding designer, have been admitted to the Hawkings Academy and will be working with Vicky Risk, an outstanding engineering student. Daughter of a nanotechnology researcher, Vicky inherited an unfinished prototype drone engine, a little peculiar....

Combining their talents, they will develop and perfect it and result in a unique drone: revolutionary engine (reconditioned by Vicky), ultra-pointed look, ultra-lightweight (designated by Tim) and exceptional handling (in Buck's hands).

Dronix was born...and with him the DroniX-Team!

During competitions, they will face their Hawkings comrades, other teams... but also other more dangerous antagonists. Indeed, Dronix fancies the lusts of malicious people.... The friendship, talent, team spirit and humour of our heroes will be put to the test in adventures in which they will explore all the uses of drones: flying, rolling and crawling.

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