Animation series 2D CUT-OUT / 3D PROPS/VEHICULES
26 épisodes of 26min
Production MONELLO
Directed by Daniel Dubuis
Background Layout B&W -color / modeling 3D / 3D animation / compositing.


In a world where marble play has become one of the most popular sports, Marblegens tournaments, magical marbles with extraordinary powers, are all the rage. Forming the Meteor team, Aïssa, Cosmo, Luna and Sam decided to participate in the Olympia MARBLEGAMES, one of the biggest tournaments on the planet!

Despite their lack of experience in the competition, our four friends are ready to face the best teams in the world and look forward to winning the tournament.

Their objective: to prevent the terrible Marcellus King from seizing the powerful Mercury ball, a reward offered to the winners. This marble, one of the five Marble Origins, would give unlimited powers to this unscrupulous man...

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